10 original spiral staircases

Any spiral staircase – ideal and practical solution for connecting floors, if you – happy owner of two or more apartments or condominium doma.Takie stairs are usually very compact, but have attractive and often the central elemntov room or hallway. With their help, well it solves the problem of limited space when the standard stairway to the second floor to introduce nowhere. Create a ladder of different materials and their combinations include steel, wood, iron, aluminum, copper and so on. 

Here are a few interesting projects spiral staircases that can and should be used when designing your interior.

It seems that the ladder is composed of pebbles.
And it is – an example of the large spiral staircase, more suited to the office or administrative buildings.
View of bright yellow staircase from top to bottom. Even dizzy starts.
10 original spiral staircases. More information: http://wonderdump.com/10-original-spiral-staircases/ This spiral staircase – a great example of how compact and minimalist it can be.
Perfect decorative solution for any modern interior.
Solid wood railing with steel handrail. Quite popular compact solution.
Collector’s and bibliophile’s dream ! Functional use of the plane wall niches illuminated. You can create a museum or library on the stairs.
 Reminiscent of the spine of a dinosaur
Stair tower from steel
Minimalism – a modern design in black and white.

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