6 useful addition to tea

6 useful addition to tea

1. Anis – it is useful to add fruit tea as soon as you have an unpleasant rough feeling in the throat. This tea can be taken if the cough has already begun – will recover much faster.

2. Jasmine – it helps to cope with the general lack of energy and symptoms of chronic fatigue, raise low blood pressure and appetite.

3. Ginger – ginger root can rub on a grater and brew boiling water or add directly into the welding pieces. He perfectly warms and invigorates, stimulates metabolism.

4. Calendula – marigold flowers and seeds have a bactericidal effect, which may help with sore throat or a cold.

5. Lavender. It has a calming and antispasmodic.
This tea will have a magical effect for insomnia and nervousness.

6. Mint – her fragrant leaves, brewed black tea can soothe and relax in the evening. Peppermint helps with indigestion, or at critical heat during a cold or flu. Mint relieve irritation and reduce cough at bronchitis.

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