A few coffee recipes

A few coffee recipes

Ice coffee in English

60 g of ground coffee
4 scoops of ice cream
150 g cream
400 ml. boiling water

Boil ordinary Turkish coffee, drain and cool. The cooled mix of coffee with ice cream and melted chocolate and pour into glasses.

Ice coffee with liqueur

8 tablespoons liqueur “cocoa”
1/2 l. finished and cooled coffee
1/8 l. whipped cream

The 4 glasses of liqueur and pour the coffee, stir, put the cream and serve

Ice coffee and juice from the strawberries, cherries, sweet cherries.

8 hours. L. sugar
4 glasses of vodka strawberry syrup
cherries or cherries
1/2 liter of finished and cooled decaf
crushed ice

Fill half the glass 4 pieces of crushed ice and pour the coffee and fruit juice in equal quantities. Then, with a glass of sweetened whipped cream and serve.

Ice coffee in the Indian

Products for cooking:
3 cups of strong coffee,
3 pcs. cloves
2 slices of cinnamon sticks,
4 pea allspice, ice (cubes).

Spices pour coffee and soak for 1 hour. Then strain and pour into glasses, which previously put in ice cubes.

English drink

Products for cooking:
4 liquor glasses ready and chilled coffee,
2 tablespoons sugar,
4 wine glasses ready and cooled cocoa
4 scoops of ice cream,
1 cup of cold milk.

All these products are mixed in a mixer. The resulting drink pour into glasses and serve.


Serves 4
4 cups of boiling water,
6 teaspoons of finely ground coffee,
1 part time spoon of cocoa powder,
1 pinch ground cinnamon, a little brandy, sugar to taste

All of these products in the recipe mix in the pot and cook over a spirit lamp. Cognac add to the already finished the coffee, which is best to prepare immediately on the table. Post hot.

Mulled wine with coffee

Products for cooking:
1/4 liter of finished mocha,
1 bottle of red wine,
150 g of sugar,
1 glass of brandy.

All of these products in the recipe mix. Cooked mixture put on fire and bring to a boil. Immediately apply.

European Coffee

To prepare one cup of strong coffee needed:
Protein from one egg
vanilla extract – ¼ teaspoon
sweet mixture of liquid milk and cream

Instructions for preparation: Beat the protein. Add vanilla and continue beating until then, until you get a thick cream. Divide the cream and pour two cups of coffee in them. Add on top of sweet liquid mixture of cream and milk.


Serves 4
10 teaspoons of finely ground coffee,
4 cups of boiling water,
8 teaspoons of sugar,
4 things. cloves
grated zest of 1 orange
1 small glass of rum cream.

Coffee and pour boiling water 5 minutes pour in 4 cups. Each put 2 teaspoons of sugar, 1 clove, grated zest of orange and pour a little rum. To file a coffee cream.


Serves 4
4 teaspoons ground coffee,
3 teaspoons of cocoa powder,
sugar if desired
almond kernels,
400 ml of boiling water.

Because half of the recipe, the amount of water and the total amount of coffee brew a strong Turkish coffee. Of the remaining water and cook cocoa cocoa. Both drink mix, put on fire and bring to a boil. Ready coffee pour plates, put the sugar to taste and sprinkle with grated raw or roasted almonds.

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