Adorn the walls: pictures on foam plastic

After the purchase of large and small household appliances, electronics and other things that require careful transportation are cartons and foam blocks. Typically, the box can still be used or stored compactly folded. A foam is usually sent to the trash can. But you can try it fun to use for creative purposes, for example, decorate the wall.

Adorn the walls: pictures on foam plastic. Process of making:

In this example, involve flat rectangles foam used, such as heat and sound insulation of the walls. But it will be even more interesting, if you take the curly blocks from household appliances, with their rectangular recesses and protrusions. The principle is very simple – the foam acts as a base (stretcher) for some images – photos, posters, drawings, colored fabrics, etc. With the same success can be pasted on the image and wooden, plastic or cardboard blocks. as an effect of spaciousness. As a result, you can create a gallery of Wall bulk diptychs, triptychs and polyptychs.
So, in advance of the finished image. You can print the image from the Internet, print a photo, buy a poster, pick up scraps of fabric diversified one, or just cook paint to paint the foam alone. If you plan a diptych, then cut the image into two parts, a triptych three, not necessarily equal. Then paste adhesive to the surface of the foam.
The sides of the block is better to decorate.
For example, the paste over the tape or paper of the same color or close to the background color.
Adorn the walls: pictures on foam plastic. Process of making: To the rear surface of the resulting pattern stick hook, clip or loop to then hang it on the wall.
The base does not have to be square! Experiment with shapes and sizes.
Adorn the walls: pictures on foam plastic. Process of making:

And in order to maintain the overall style, to emphasize the combination of pictures and fine details of the interior, make a small decorative cubes of foam (candlesticks, vases, stands for pencils), pasted the same scraps of paper or poster.
Here are a few examples of polyptychs for inspiration!

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