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Three-layer milkshake

Three-layer milkshake -

Recipe Three-layer milkshake Ingredients: 200 g of vanilla ice cream 1 cup milk 100g blueberries 100 g strawberries 1 pre-frozen bananas Preparation:

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Cream cakes with chocolate

Cream cakes with chocolate -

Recipe Cream cakes with chocolate Ingredients for the dough: Eggs – 2 pcs. Wheat flour – 125 g Sugar – 125 g Cream (35% fat) – 100 g Vanilla or a bag of vanilla sugar – 1 pod For filling: Milk chocolate – 8 cloves For the glaze: Milk chocolate – 75 g Butter – 75 g Cocoa powder – 1 tbp. Preparation:

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Vanilla cheesecake with chocolate sauce

Vanilla cheesecake with chocolate sauce -

Recipe Vanilla cheesecake with chocolate sauce Ingredients: Cottage cheese – 200 g Egg – 1 pc. Vanilla extract – 1 hour. L. Sugar – 1 tbsp. l. (or taste) Flour – 2 tbsp. l. Baking powder pinch Salt to taste Sunflower oil for frying Preparation:

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Royal cheesecake with dried apricots

Royal cheesecake with dried apricots -

Recipe Royal cheesecake with dried apricots Ingredients For the dough: Flour – 2 cups Sugar – 1/2 cup Soda – 1/4 ch. L. Butter – 100 g (margarine) For filling: Cottage cheese – 500 g Sugar – 1/2 cup Eggs – 3 pcs. Vanilla sugar or vanilla on the tip of a knife, but rather vanilla pods Apricot dried apricots or soft Preparation:

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Recipe ruddy Charlotte

Recipe ruddy Charlotte -

Recipe ruddy Charlotte Ingredients: Flour – 1 cup Sugar – 1 cup Disintegrant – 1 hour. L. Lemon juice – 1 tbsp. l. Salt – 1 pinch Eggs – 3 pcs. Sour apples – 3 pcs. Cooking method:

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Tyrolean pie

Tyrolean pie -

Recipe Tyrolean pie Ingredients: 100g butter 4 eggs ½ cup sugar 1 tsp. Baking powder 1.5 cups flour 500 g berries or fruit (it can be cherries, raspberries, apricots, pitted) 2 tbsp. spoon of vanilla sugar salt Preparation:

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Italian Closed pizza calzone

Italian Closed pizza calzone  -

Recipe Italian Closed pizza calzone Do not laugh, but literally from the Italian name of the closed half-moon shaped pizza calzone is translated as … “pants” or “pants”. Where did such a strange imechko not even remember the Italians, though, as you would call any pizza, you still get excellent results – a thin crisp hides razomlevshie tenderness lava tomato, ham, mushrooms and cheese. Ingredients: – 160 ml of water – 5 g yeast speed – 2 tsp salt – 25 ml extra virgin olive oil – 250 g of flour of soft varieties of fine grinding – 2 tbsp. Olive oil supply (optional you can use olive oil, infused

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Yoghurt and berry ice cream

Yoghurt and berry ice cream -

Recipe Yoghurt and berry ice cream Products: 500g fruit yogurt (4-10% fat), 300g of any fresh berries (winter you can use frozen), 1 tablespoon lemon or orange juice, 50g icing sugar. Instructions

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Strawberry cake without baking

Strawberry cake without baking -

Recipe Strawberry cake without baking Ingredients Melted butter 60g Chocolate cookies 150g Strawberry 250g Strawberry Yoghurt 300g Soft Cheese 200 g Sugar 100 g Cream 33% -s 200 ml 50 ml of milk Gelatin 2 tablespoons Instructions

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Simple cupcakes

Simple cupcakes -

Recipe Simple cupcakes Ingredients: – 4 eggs – 1 cup of sugar – 100 grams of melted butter – 5 tablespoons of sour cream – 2 cups flour – 1 packet of vanilla sugar – 2 teaspoons baking powder Preparation:

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