Baby ice cream from cottage cheese with bananas

Baby ice cream from cottage cheese with bananas


cottage cheese – 250 g (dry, fine-grained)
cream 10% – 120 – 130 ml
banana – 2 pcs. (Not overripe)
vanilla sugar – 1 tsp
powdered sugar – 3 – 4 tsp or you can use honey (2 tablespoons)


Following products are charged in a blender: cottage cheese, sliced ​​bananas, 1/2 cream, vanilla sugar, powdered sugar or honey. All is well mix in a blender until smooth. If the consistency is too thick mass is obtained, then add more cream and mix well again. The consistency should be like a very thick cream.
We spread the ice cream into a container and sent to the freezer.
After about 3 hours of receiving soft ice cream, and after 5 hours it is already possible to try a complete ice cream. I did not get to taste it in 4-5 hours, so eating the next day. During the night the ice cream freezes hard enough. So I advise you to shift the food container from the freezer to the refrigerator for a while to slightly softened ice cream.
Bon Appetit!

Baby ice cream from cottage cheese with bananas. Recipe:

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