Baked carbonade

Baked carbonade


Salt to taste
Chop 1.5 kg
Ground black pepper to taste
Curry to taste
Hops-suneli to taste
Bay leaf 3 pieces
Black pepper sweet peas 7 pieces
Water 100 ml


1. Fresh pork chop on all sides carefully rub with salt, black pepper, hops-suneli and curry (the amount of spices when it is better to take the taste, but you can use all others – those that prefer). Leave for five minutes.
2. chop marinated put into the sleeve for baking (special plastic bags that can withstand temperatures up to 200 degrees, are sold in many supermarkets). Add bay leaf and allspice.
3. Pour 100 ml of water and tie a sleeve on both sides. The surface of the sleeve can be pierced in two or three places to the excess air flows out, and you can leave the sealed order not to lose a grain flavor.
4. Heat oven to 200 degrees. Place the chops on a baking sheet and place in the bake fifty – fifty-five minutes. The smaller piece, the less time required for baking – otherwise the meat will dry.
5. Ready chop remove from oven, cool slightly, cut into slices 3-5 cm wide and serve hot. Juice, remaining on the bottom of the sleeve after baking, can be used as a sauce.

Baked carbonade. Recipe:

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