Banana “Bonjour”

Banana “Bonjour”


1. Bananas cut into slices in the freezer. Prepare chocolate mold

2. To do this, lubricate silicone mold chocolate. I used milk. I think that it is more in harmony with bananami.Stavim refrigerate .To chocolate layer has turned out not very subtle, such a procedure is repeated several times, at least two.

3. Next, we obtain our bananas and lay in a blender. Making banana muss.Hochu alert !!! Just like you did mousse – are mapped in the form of chocolate, as this mass start rastavatsya, and that we do not need.

4. Put the banana mousse so that it does not “peeking” out of shape. Since ready bonzhurki can not exactly stand still. Sprinkle with chopped peanuts and in the freezer to freeze
5. Before serving, remove and let stand for a few minutes

Recipe Banana "Bonjour":

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