Beef stroganoff in onion sauce with mushrooms

Beef stroganoff in onion sauce with mushrooms


Beef (fillet) – 500 g
Flour – 2 tbsp. l.
Heating oil – 50 g
Beef Broth – 300 ml (or more, depending on the desired density of the sauce)
Puree tomato – 1-1,5 st. l.
Onions – 1 pc.
Mushrooms dried – 30 g
Mustard – 1/2 h. L.
Sour cream – 2 tbsp. l.


1. First of all, a piece of meat cut into slices and then into strips. Strips of salt and pepper and set aside for a while. Maybe someone will seem thickish strips for beef stroganoff, but the experience is seen that thin slices of meat often turn dry, but when sliced ​​thickly, then juiciness is just right.
2. While the meat is resting and prosalivaetsya, I start to cook the sauce. It is known that the main flavor in the sauce befstroganove created as much in all of our lives, no wonder there is an expression – looking under what sauce it is served.
For the sauce, fry in a spoonful of ghee two tablespoons of flour (no slides), and then gradually began to add in the pan hot beef broth, stirring the mixture, to avoid the appearance of lumps of dough. Then he added tomato paste and at the end of half a teaspoon of mustard. The sauce has turned normal density, not thick and not runny, but as sour about 10% fat.
3. About an hour before cooking soaked porcini mushrooms in warm water.
4. Onion finely chopped and fry in melted butter.
Mushrooms pressed from the liquid, finely chopped, combine with onions and fry all together.
5. It is the turn of roasting meat.
Fry on all sides over high heat until golden brown, also in the melted butter. What is the advantage of this oil – it does not burn at a high temperature, like butter and gives a special flavor of roasted product. I’m not talking about its benefits :)
Fried in a pan tolstodonnoy in two steps to avoid quenching. Yes, meat strips pre-roll in flour in the bag.
6. Onions and mushrooms shifted into the pot with the meat sauce is added to two tablespoons of sour cream, too dosolit and poured it into the pot. The water from the soaked mushrooms, of course, does not come out, and added to the meat.
On a quiet fire and dividers held the pan under the lid for about 10 minutes until the sauce is no signs of the beginning of the boil – and turn off the heat. He left to infuse.

Beef stroganoff in onion sauce with mushrooms. Recipe:

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