Beef Stroganoff with beetroot-strawberry garnish

Beef Stroganoff with beetrootstrawberry garnish


Beef 250 g
Sour cream 100ml
Paprika powder 1 tsp
Grape 50ml
Beet 3 pieces
Strawberries ½ cup
Beet tops 4 pieces
Pepper 1 piece
Balsamic vinegar 2 tablespoons
Red wine vinegar 2 teaspoons
Spices Pain d’epices 1 tablespoon
2 teaspoons sugar
Tarragon 5 g
Butter 50 g
Salt to taste
Ground black pepper to taste
Snails 10 items
Cognac 50ml


1. Two beets cut into small cubes, and the third – a thin disk, it is better not to hand, and the mandolin. Beet wheels put in a bowl with leaves leaves, pour a glass of water and a tablespoon of balsamic vinegar. Hands Stir the contents of the bowl so that it is uniformly impregnated, and leave to infuse for about twenty minutes.
2. Heat the pan, pour into it a little vegetable oil, add the beetroot cubes, season with salt and sprinkle with a pinch of sugar. Stir the contents of the pan, pour a teaspoon of balsamic vinegar, a half teaspoon of red wine vinegar and half a minute, pour a glass of water. Cover and leave for fifteen minutes.
3. Bulgarian pepper cut into very thin strips. Good warm frying pan, drop quite a bit of vegetable oil; if it would be too much – to merge the remains, add pepper, a little salt the, and vigorously stirring or tossing peppers in a pan, fry half a minute.
4. When all the liquid has evaporated almost of glazed beets, add the spices pain d’épices. Stir and pour in half a minute in a saucepan and pour strawberries tablespoon of water in which soaked greens and beet discs. Sprinkle with plain water and after a few seconds until you seethe berries, remove the skillet from the heat.
5. Cut beef. It is important to cut into small cubes, about two by two centimeters to quickly roasted meat. Mix a pinch of salt with ground paprika and rub hands this mixture into the meat. Heat the pan, pour a little vegetable oil, put 15 g of butter. When butter foam, put the meat and stir-fry for half a minute.
6. When the oil becomes a little darker – add 10 grams of butter and 3 tablespoons of sour cream. It is important to continuously stir the beef stroganoff that the meat evenly and at the same time and then quickly deep fried tushilos. Within a minute after the addition of sour cream can be removed from the fire. Pepper, pour the cognac, put on top of another 10 grams of butter and cover with lid.
7. Grape snail cut into small pieces. Heat the pan, pour a little vegetable oil, put the escargot and a piece of butter. Fry snails, stirring half a minute, then add them to the beef and hold on low heat for fifteen seconds. Before serving, add another spoonful of beef stroganoff with fresh sour cream – for color.
8. Half a cup of warm water of beet with a teaspoon of sugar and a teaspoon of red vinegar. When the sugar has dissolved, put in a saucepan tarragon leaves – and in half a minute to pour the contents into piles. Serve them with leaves laid out on the tops of glazed beets, shredded beetroot disks, paprika and befstroganovom.

Beef Stroganoff with beetroot-strawberry garnish. Recipe:

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