Beet ravioli with salmon

Beet ravioli with salmon


Beet 500 g
Smoked Salmon 200g
Sour cream 40 ml
Apple vinegar, 10 ml
Mascarpone cheese 40 g
Rice vinegar 25ml
White wine 40 ml
Avocado oil 2 tablespoons
Lemon juice 2 ml
Sugar 40 g
Coriander seeds 5 g
Bay leaves 2 pieces
Horseradish 10 g
Dill 10g
15 g basil sprouts
Flowers salt to taste
Salt to taste
Pepper black pepper 5 g


1. Cut the beets in the finest mandolin (millimeter) discs. In a saucepan pour all the vinegar, wine and 75 ml of water, add the coriander, bay leaf, sugar, pepper and a pinch of salt. The resulting marinade, stirring, bring to a boil. Pour it beets, cover and immediately, without cooling the, place in refrigerator for at least three hours.
2. Arrange the most beautiful and big wheels on a baking beetroot – can be a little overlap. Put the pan in a cool place (so you can store more per day). In the end, it turns out very bright, soft and flexible beet petals.
3. Whisk in a bowl mash with smoked salmon. Add sour cream, mascarpone, a little grated fresh horseradish, dill big hands to pick and send to the fish. Sprinkle all with lemon juice and stir, still stretching plug. Try to get the stuffing and season to taste with salt.
4. At the center of the sheet pile beet put 8-10 grams of filling. Cover with the second disc beetroot. Now we need two cooking rings: a smaller and a little more in diameter. What is less wear on the hill filling – nerezhuschim edge down, just to give it a shape. The second ring, larger, sharp edge should cut jagged edges ravioli.
5. Arrange the ravioli on a plate and serve, sprinkling avocado oil and decorate with flowers of salt, basil sprouts or other aromatic herbs. To enhance the flavor of fish can make pike roe vinaigrette – mix it with olive oil, lemon juice and finely chopped onion and add to Rezantsev ravioli. But this is not necessary.

Beet ravioli with salmon. Recipe:

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