Branches of trees in the interior

The gifts of nature, literally lying under our feet – is an excellent material for creative experimentation in the decor of the interior with their own hands. From logs and tree branches found in the woods, you can build the original design elements as a city apartment and a country house or villa.

Branches of trees in the interior. More ideas:

This original and spectacular candle is easy to make from ordinary snags. Surely during nature walks you will come across a tree branch legs interesting and elegant form. The next time you take them with you. Home snag be well dried this is important! The size of small round candles throughout the length of branches cut holes. Then, at the request of the branch can hide, tint, paint, varnish.
Natural, fresh eco-design complements any modern interior, and in combination with supporting natural elements create a concept design of your apartment. You can decorate the original premise for any event, whether it’s a birthday or wedding.
Be aware of fire safety. Before you light a candle in a wooden homemade candle, place it in a glass vase. Yes, and leave the whole structure with lighted candles should not be, leaving the room, even for a short time Extinguish all flames.
Decorate your hallway interesting hanger made of solid tree branch. As in the embodiment with the candlestick, there are numerous possible implementation of the idea, according to the shape and texture of the branches, the initial data of interior space and your preferences. The basic rule – wood should be well dried before use.

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