Carbonara with zucchini and meatballs

Carbonara with zucchini and meatballs


Sausages 6 pieces
4 pieces of bacon
Spaghetti 500 g
Egg yolk 4 pieces
Zucchini 2 pieces
Cream 40% -s 1 cup
Lemons 1 piece
Parmesan cheese 120g
Parsley ½ g
Olive oil to taste


1. Spaghetti cook in salted water, recline in a colander and dry, then return to the pot. On sausages make a longitudinal section and remove the shell. From stuffing roll small meatballs.
2. Zucchini cut into small semi-circular slices, chop the bacon. In a large skillet heat the spacious olive oil and fry the meatballs on it.
3. Add meatballs to fried zucchini and bacon and fry all together, stirring constantly, five to seven minutes until the bacon is lightly browned and will not become crispy.
4. Finely chop the parsley. In a small bowl, mix the egg yolks with chopped parsley, add grated lemon zest and all thoroughly with a fork.
5. Add to the egg mixture and the grated parmesan pour heavy cream. Thoroughly whisk until smooth and whisk with a fork. Add salt and black pepper and mix again.
6. In a saucepan with spaghetti ready to pour cream and egg mixture and gently stir with a spoon or spatula, being careful not to damage the paste.
7. Put mixed with cream and egg sauce pasta to the pan with the meatballs and zucchini. Again, mix gently and heat all together on medium heat.
8. The finished carbonara arrange on plates, drizzle with olive oil and serve hot with grated Parmesan additional portion.

Carbonara with zucchini and meatballs. Recipe:

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