Cheese sticks of lavash

Cheese sticks of lavash


Pita – 1 pc.
Processed cheese – 2 pcs.
Eggs – 2 pcs.
Butter – 2 tbsp
Clove garlic – 2 pcs.
Dill – 5 g


1. Cut thin strips of processed cheese, eggs, beat well.
2. Garlic must be crushed and finely chopped dill. Pita bread cut into strips (8-10sm length, width 10-12 cm).
3. Then take a strip of lavash, put it over the length of two strips of cheese, a little garlic, sprinkle with herbs and gently turn off the strip in a roll.
4. These sticks dipped in egg and razzharivaem in butter on both sides until, until they will find golden color.
5. Serve with fresh herbs and sour cream.

Cheese sticks of lavash. Recipe:

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