Recipe Cheesecake with peaches and jelly

Cheesecake with peaches and jelly


200g without the grains of curd (cottage cheese in packets)
50g butter
80g sugar
150g apricot jam
2 eggs
zest of 1 lemon
170g flour
20g corn flour
1 tsp with slide baking powder (5g or polpaketika)
1 can (500g) peaches in syrup
1 tbsp lemon juice


1. First lay out the jam in a sieve and rub so as to obtain about a tablespoon of jam without transparent and pieces of flesh. This thick syrup we smazhem cake after baking. Set aside it aside.
2. Jam with pieces of lemon peel and mix with the oil in a large bowl and whisk to mass brightened.
3. Add sugar and povzbivayte. Weight will not be smooth.
4. Add the cheese and mix with a mixer at maximum speed in a smooth mass.
5. Add one egg, carefully stirring until uniform.
6. The result is a rather liquid mixture. Stir it in both types of flour and baking powder.
Stir until a dough.
7. Remove the peaches from syrup.
8. Pour batter into a greased and floured form. Top with peaches on the dough, pushing them well.
9. Bake at 170c about 45-50 minutes.
10. Cool the cake. The remaining heat the jam with lemon juice to flow. Brush grease the cake.

Recipe Cheesecake with peaches and jelly:


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