Chicken fritters

Chicken fritters

Ingredients for chicken fritters:
500 g chicken fillet
50 g of butter
one egg
two tablespoons of flour or potato starch
little vegetable oil for frying

Chicken fritters recipe:

Of course it will taste better if you buy fresh chilled fillets and twist it yourself. But we can take a ready minced chicken.

To finish the egg, flour, melted at room temperature butter, salt and pepper. If oil does not melt, it will not turn Mix stuffing.

All the ingredients are thoroughly mixed until a homogeneous stuffing. Depending on the condition and quantity of chicken flour batter may get a little liquid or thick. It does not matter.

The frying pan with a small amount of vegetable oil on the fire to warm up a little bit stronger than average. Spoon the pancakes in a pan. Fry until golden brown for about two or three minutes.

Flip pancakes and cook on the second side also to a beautiful golden brown.

Note. I do not put it in a dish or onion or garlic. They are not really needed. Although you can add them, a matter of taste. Ready chicken fritters served with any side dishes. Bon Appetit !!!

Chicken fritters. Recipe:

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