Chicken with vegetables

Chicken with vegetables


Chicken fillet – 450 g
Cabbage – 300 g
Onions – 1 pc.
Sweet pepper – 1 pc.
Vegetable oil (I have refined olive oil)
Salt, spices


1. Add the oil, the fire to the maximum.
2. Cover with lid cabbage, add a little water, the fire at 6/9.
3. Prior to such a state, well, or that there was “al dente”. Add the remaining vegetables, the fire at maximum.
4. Fry, stirring.
5. Add a little water, cover, fire at 6/9.
6. chicken on the stove, the fire at maximum.
7. In this state, remove the vegetables from the heat.
8. Chicken brought to such a state. The gap in time the chicken from the fact that it is loosely fitted to the burner.
9. Add the chicken to the vegetables.

Chicken with vegetables. Recipe:

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