Classic Creme Brulee with Madagascar vanilla

Classic Creme Brulee with Madagascar vanilla


9 pieces of chicken egg
Cream 33% 1,1 l -s
Vanilla 1 piece
Salt 1.5 g
Sugar 180 g


1. By nine egg yolks (whites do not need), add 180 grams of sugar and whisk. The mixture will change color from bright yellow to white sand. Whisking, carefully grab the edge of the masses – under the influence of sugar yolk begins to slowly “fry”, if they are not removed, the taste of creme brulee is wrong.
2. The incision along the vanilla pod. With a knife scrape off with his dark half of the pulp and mix with the whipped yolks. Connect the mixture with cold cream and salt. Strain through a fine sieve – it should be made that the creme brulee did not get pieces of egg yolk, hardened under the influence of sugar.
3. Arrange the form for creme brulee in a deep pan and pour superalloy of water – so that the cup portions drowned in it for two-thirds of its height. Then pour the egg-shapes creamy mixture, filling them to the brim. Put the pan in the oven, preheated to 100 degrees for forty minutes.
4. Top the finished creme brulee to be resilient, and will remain inside the watery mass. Place the bowls in the refrigerator for a couple of hours – there is the cream should thicken. For caramel crisp sprinkled evenly shaped sugar and melting it with the burner surface cream turn dark brown caramel cover.
5. Leave a creme brulee alone for long, a minute or two, caramel hardens – and dessert is ready. Will take a spoon and, as in “Amelie”, to break the crust and caramel scoop creamy mass with small black grains of vanilla.

Classic Creme Brulee with Madagascar vanilla. Recipe:

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