Classic Hamburger



Beef 150 g
Ketchup 30 ml
8 grain bun 1 piece
Red onion 30 g
Tomato 1 piece
Chicken egg 1 piece
Iceberg lettuce 1 piece
Cream of tartar 1 tablespoon


1. Meat mince. It is enough to do this once, to get tough beef. Season with salt and pepper it, add finely chopped red onion and ketchup. Mix well, beat off, throwing backhand chop on the table to beef sated air. Fry in a pan or on the grill on both sides. The time depends on the degree of roasting that you like.
2. Make fried eggs from one egg, lightly salt and pepper.
3. bun cut in half, fry sauce and spread. Put half a loaf lettuce on it – a thin slice of a large tomato, meat and fried egg. Next put the second part of the bread and thin rings of red onion.

Classic Hamburger. Recipe:

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