Cocktail “Bonanza” (18+)

Recipe Cocktail “Bonanza”

An intriguing cocktail with intriguing name. In the not perfectly match the Scottish whiskey liqueur Galliano, egg whites with citrus juices. Whiskey is better to take the Famous Grouse and Chivas Regal. Do not forget to add a little sherry.

15 ml. whiskey (Scotch)
15 ml. Galliano liqueur
15 ml. Sherry (sherry)
1-2 hours. L. egg protein
30 ml. lime juice
30 ml. Lemonade
A slice of orange


All the ingredients except soda and jewelry, pour into a shaker with ice and shake. The glass type Rocks put ice and strain over the mix of a shaker.
Top pour lemonade and garnish with orange and cherry.

Cocktail "Bonanza" -

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