Cold cucumber soup with salmon

Cold cucumber soup with salmon


Cucumber 230 g
Cucumber juice 115ml
Sugar 10 g
Salt 2.5 g
Wine vinegar White 8g
Ginger Syrup 6 ml
Salmon 100g
Cottage cheese 50 g


1. Punch a blender at high speed cucumber juice, wine vinegar syrup, sugar and salt at high speed for two minutes.
2. Strain the soup through a sieve bus. Cool to the temperature of 1 degree Celsius.
3. Beat the curd through a sieve and refrigerate for half an hour to make a neat ball. Then pour the curd mousse soup.
4. When submitting decorate diced cucumber, after clearing it away from the skin and seeds, and 2-3 slices of lightly boiled salmon.

Cold cucumber soup with salmon. Recipe:

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