Cold-hot chocolate pudding-cupcake

Cold-hot chocolate pudding-cupcake


Butter 125g
Black Chocolate 70% 125 g
Sugar 120 g
Egg chicken 2 pieces
Wheat flour 75g
pinch of salt
Cream 25% -s 300 ml
15 g of coffee extract
Hazelnuts 50 g


1. Coffee cups greased with butter. The oil should be at room temperature. After the prayer made, it is necessary to sprinkle the walls of the cups with sugar.
2. Melt the chocolate and butter in a water bath. In a large bowl lightly whisk the eggs and sugar (90 g), pour the mixture into a creamy chocolate goo, add the flour and salt. Then whisk thoroughly mix until smooth dough.
3. Using a pastry cone (it can be made independently of oiled paper or package), pour a cup of chocolate dough to about half. And send the cup in the oven, preheated to 180 degrees for three to four minutes.
4. Grind toasted hazelnuts in a frying pan. Once the cake is ready, get a cup from the oven and sprinkle with crumbs of roasted nuts. Cold cream whisk until fluffy dress, add to it the remaining sugar (30 g) and a coffee extract and beat again. The result is called whipping cream Chantilly.
5. This cream is necessary to fill the remaining half cup of coffee and serve immediately. Chantilly cream must be very cold, and chocolate – hot to even the most inattentive people noticed that almost half of the intrigue in this dessert – temperatures in the game.

Cold-hot chocolate pudding-cupcake. Recipe:

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