Cold noodles with tuna

Cold noodles with tuna


Soba noodles 90g
Tuna fillet 150g
Olive oil 2 tablespoons
Sesame oil 2 tablespoons
Soy sauce 2 tablespoons
Chili paste with garlic 1 teaspoon
Chives 30 g
Sesame seeds 2 tsp
Ground black pepper to taste


1. In a small container mix the olive oil, sesame oil and dark soy sauce. Then stir in the same direction and a half teaspoons chili paste with garlic – this amount will be sufficient to result in the sharpness of the sauce was felt, but not scored delicate taste of the fish.
2. Boil the noodles (thin or Italian pasta like Cappellini) until al dente state – in the tooth to still meet resistance. When the noodles is ready, throw it in a sieve and transfer to a bowl of ice water. There, working vigorously sticks, cool noodles and make sure that it never stuck together.
3. Take the tuna fillet. If it is frozen – previously it is necessary to leave in the refrigerator overnight. Now the trick is to cut the tuna into strips which thickness is slightly greater than the noodles. To do this, first of all we need a very sharp knife. They should cut the fillets on a plate first and then every – thin strips.
4. fold the cooled noodles in a bowl, there too – fish sticks. All these operations are best done sticks to his hands once again not to stick together tuna. Carefully, so as not to break the fish, mix well. Season sauce; if he has already managed to break up into factions, pre must once again beat him well. Even with the sauce, with the same caution, mix the noodles and fish.
5. Divide the noodles with tuna into pieces and arrange on plates. Quite correctly apply it on the ice – a significant part of her charm is cool. Top generously sprinkled with chopped onions and sesame seeds. Sesame fried is better to take – it richer taste. If desired, season with freshly ground black pepper.

Cold noodles with tuna. Recipe:

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