Corsican Risotto with monkfish

Corsican Risotto with monkfish


Arborio rice 80 g
Fillet of monkfish 150 g
Onions 40 g
Mushrooms 40 g
1 clove garlic
Parmesan cheese 20 g
Mascarpone cheese 15 g
Butter 30 g
Olive oil 30 ml
Chardonnay 40 ml
Cream 35% -s’ 30 g
Vegetable broth 150 ml
Rosemary 2 stalks
Demiglyas Sauce 100ml
2 stalks of thyme
Rice dough 1 piece
Salt to taste
Ground black pepper to taste


1. Salt and pepper fillet of monkfish, give a little stand. In a frying pan pour a little olive oil, throw in a sprig of thyme, rosemary and garlic clove. Fry feature along with herbs for a minute on each side – while the fillet turns white. You can now defer the fish and the risotto to do.
2. Mushrooms – the main component of the aromatic risotto. For a start they need to chop, to do the same with the onions. In a skillet heat the olive oil and saute the mushrooms a couple of minutes, then add half the onions, salt, pepper and cream – for color. Mix and cook for two minutes, and then shift into a bowl and set aside.
3. Slightly fry onions residues in olive oil, add the rice. Gradually pour in the wine and broth – that they evaporated, rice to keep a good heat and stir constantly. After twelve minutes until half figure comes – add the mushrooms and mascarpone, and a couple of minutes and grated Parmesan. Another five to seven minutes – and ready.
4. baking dish greased with butter and lay a baking paper. Sheet rice dough put in a metal ring that will hold the shape and the bag put three or four spoons of risotto. Slightly zaschipnut ends. Nearby lay monkfish. Put the whole company for three or four minutes in a preheated 180 degree oven.
5. Beautifully pour into a large plate demiglyas – it’s hard boiled beef broth with tomato, but its preparation go a day, so that it is easier to buy this sauce. Share on risotto dish, a bit further – monkfish. Fish can be divided into two parts, to make it easier to eat. A figure pinned a sprig of rosemary.

Corsican Risotto with monkfish. Recipe:

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