Cottage cheese cake without baking

Cottage cheese cake without baking

To prepare the cake I needed:
– 30 pcs. large cookie
– 700 grams of cottage cheese
– 200 g sour cream
– 200 g of sugar
– 100 g butter
– 2 g vanillin
– 150 grams of milk
– 1 apple
– 2 bananas

How cook:

1. The first thing I made cottage cheese. The curd added soft butter, sour cream, sugar, vanilla.

2. All this is thoroughly whipped in a blender with a homogeneous mass. It should be thick, otherwise the cake does not stick together.

3. Apple peel and head of cabbage. Cut into thin slices.

4. When using a stand, you can use either an elongated, solid object. I took the old big board for cutting. The upper part of the cover with cling film so that the side were the remains of 10 cm. You can take from several parts of the cross.

5. Milk is sure to heat up a little bit, otherwise the cookies will not absorb it quickly. Dishes for the convenience of the general took.

6. Each cookie dipped by 2 sec. in milk and 15 pieces. I laid on the film in such a manner as shown in the photograph.

7. Top smeared cottage cheese and apple posted.

8. The second layer of biscuits made in the same way as the previous one, and also smeared mass. In the center of the line laid out in a banana.

9. The next step is the most difficult. It is necessary to connect the free edge of the film and thus obtain a triangular pie. If cookies will absorb too much milk as I do, then it will start to fall apart a little bit and the form will be lost.

10. But it is not a big problem, because then you need to put the cake in the refrigerator a bit to cool down and refrained. His I put it on all night and in the morning form hands corrected.

11. Taking a delicacy almost ready, I removed the tape and plastered on top of the remaining curd.

This dessert is delicious and satisfying. Fruits can be changed to the other, but in the center it is better to leave a banana, cut it to the very beautiful and appetizing look.

Bon Appetit!

Recipe Cottage cheese cake without baking:

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