Country chops of rabbit with herbs and Parmesan

Country chops of rabbit with herbs and Parmesan


Green celery stalk of 5
Rabbit fillet 400g
½ bunch parsley
A 10% Cream 50 ml
Stale white bread 1 piece
Grated Parmesan cheese 3 tablespoons
Quail eggs 6 pieces
Salt to taste
Olive oil extra virgin 3 tablespoons
Ground black pepper to taste


1. Rabbit fillet cut into small pieces and put in the bowl of a blender, add the greens celery and parsley leaves and break 3-4 in the pulse mode to the consistency of minced meat.
2. A piece of white stale bread break hands folded into a small bowl and pour low-fat cream. Leave on for four or five minutes.
3. Add a minced fresh rabbit, quail egg and again break 3-4 in the pulse mode. Gradually, beef will become more uniform and gentle.
4. bread soaked in cream gently squeeze (remaining cream can be added to the stuffing in the end, if it will be too tight), add to the blender and blend again.
5. Parmesan grate and add to the bowl of a blender. Lightly salt and pepper to taste, and last beat. The consistency of the finished sausage meat must be uniform and air.
6. blindly from the resulting mince patties same. To beef not too much lime in hand, they can be periodically moistened with warm water.
7. In a small pan heat the olive oil over medium heat and fry patties on both sides until a beautiful golden brown.
8. Ready to put cutlets on a paper towel to absorb excess fat. Then shift the dish and serve hot.

Country chops of rabbit with herbs and Parmesan. Recipe:

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