Creamy banana-chocolate ice cream

Recipe Creamy banana-chocolate ice cream

What do you need:
– 33-35% cream – 500 ml.,
– Condensed milk – 0.5 cans (200 gr.)
– Banana – 2 pcs.
– Nutella (chocolate or any other pasta) – 4-5 tablespoons,
– Vanilla extract – 1 tablespoon,
– Cream liqueur – 2 tbsp

How do:

1. Whip the cream and divide into two equal parts.
2. For the creamy layer of banana:
In bowl put sliced ​​bananas into pieces, condensed milk, vanilla extract and beat all the blenders to puree. Banana puree added to one part cream mix (beat) until smooth.
3. For the chocolate layer:
Beat Nutella and cream liqueur, add the second part of the cream, mix (beat) all until smooth.
4. plastic disposable cups lay out the layers: the chocolate mass, banana and chocolate again, inserted into the middle of a stick for ice cream and send everything in the freezer.

To remove the finished ice cream from plastic cups Give ice cream stand for five minutes at room temperature, between your hands to twist the cups and gently pull the stick.

Creamy banana-chocolate ice cream -

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