Handmade decorative box

    • Hand-made decorative box. Coffee grinder

      40 The aroma of coffee to uplifting, inspiring for creativity and work. And the figures are decorated coffee beans, creates a wonderful atmosphere in the interior comfort, spicing and completeness of your dining room or kitchen.

      Coffee grinder it’s not just beautiful and fragrant figure. Mill may serve as a box for small items or the original gift packaging for coffee. In this article, we’ll show you how to make a decorative box with his hands.


      -sheet of cardboard
      -box or plastic bottle for the base of the mill
      -small wooden lath, napkin of bamboo  or ice cream sticks
      -coffee beans

      -a small piece of fabric for the manufacture of bags and doors

      -a small piece of cloth to simulate grass



      -MDF for the base



  • tweezers
  • glue
  • pencil
  • brush
  • ruler
  • Stationery knife or scissors
  • compasses
  • thread
  • needle


The size and number does not indicate – all individually: depends on what materials you used and the size of the boxes.

The process of making decorative boxes

Making the roof

Mark up the circle on cardboard and cut it. The size depends on how big you want to make the mill. For mill height 19 cm approached the circle diameter of 19 cm.



Make a direct cut from the edge to the center circle.

4 We make a cone out of the circle and to glue the cut.

5 We paint cone in a dark brown color close to the color of the coffee beans.

6 When the paint is dry, the we completely papered cone with coffee beans .



Make a “wall” coffee mill

To do this, you need the appropriate box wrap a rope, giving the texture of the walls. A box of potato chips was very high, I did cut roughly in half her. To create “walls” can use and ordinary plastic bottle.


9 Apply glue on the box and tightly wrapped with rope box.


“Walls” also in some places decorate coffee beans for imitation stonework.

12 For the manufacture of doors coffee mill can take any thin wooden sticks or ice cream, very convenient to use a bamboo napkin.

13 Remove thread and dissolve the bamboo napkin

14 Draws on wooden rails for shape the future of the door.

15 Crop the door and put on fabrics her.


17 We paint the door dark brown paint, giving it the appearance of old wood

18 Because of the thick filaments weave braid and glue to the door in two places. If necessary, cover them with paint and varnish.


From thin wire using pliers or tweezers to make a small ring.

21 The ring is glued to the door, simulating a doorhandle.


23 The door should be glued to the mill.


Make blade coffee mill

For the blades can be used thin strips or wooden skewers. Putting them crosswise and fix glue.

Small lath, suitable in size for strengthening the blade racks.

26 Racks painted in a dark brown color to simulate the old wood. The middle can be decorated with coffee beans. Then the blade varnish.

27 Using glue for fix the blade on the roof.


Making bags of coffee

For sewing bags best to take a rough cloth or burlap.

29 A small slice sew around and wrenched from the inside.

30 We folded the edges and fix the thread, tighten the thread a little bit to the edge of the bag together.


32 At the bottom of the bag, you can put a piece of paper or cotton cloth and glue on top of the coffee beans. Sam also decorate the bag with coffee beans and varnished it.


Making the base

From MDF or cardboard cut out a circle, which will stand the mill.

34 In terms of try on the mill, the bags and mark with a pencil where the facilities will be located.

35 From coffee beans make a small fence. Grains fix glue.

36 On free area without objects put the cloth simulating grass. Gluing it.

37 The mill was adhered to the substrate. If desired, we fix the bags on glue. You can decorate with coffee beans the edges of the circle .

38 Inside you can put a jar of coffee – you will get an original gift. If desired, the roof can be stuck and then the coffee mill would be a decorative figure.

39 Coffee grinder ready.


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