Delicate sour cream dessert

Recipe Delicate sour cream dessert

Sour – 1000 gr .;
Jelly – 2 bags;
Sugar – 1 cup;
Gelatine – 30 gr .;
Biscuits (Crackers) – 1 pack;
Berries and fruits;


The first case is necessary to prepare the jelly because it is a long time to freeze. In order to gel well then frozen, the contents of the sachet should be diluted in 1 cup of boiling water.

When the gel hardens, you can take on the cream.

Put the cream in a large bowl.

Add a cup of sugar.

Beat with a mixer to cream the sugar has dissolved.

Gelatin should be diluted in a half cup of boiling water.

Add to the cream and beat well with a mixer.

Fruit cut into cubes with berries and add to the cream.

Jelly also cut into cubes and add to the cream.

When all added Mix sour cream with a spoon.

At the bottom of the pan to spread the pastry to cover the entire bottom.

Pour the mixture onto our cookies and send in the refrigerator until all the good did not fall asleep.

Dessert ready.

Delicate sour cream dessert -

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