Dish Damlyama

Dish Damlyama


Carrot 500 g young
1.5 kg of potatoes
Cabbage 500 g
Salo kurdjuchnogo 400 g
Ground black pepper to taste
Salt to taste
Rib lamb 1 kg
Onions 4 heads


1. Lamb ribs clear of films and excess fat (the fat they need to be cleaned and then to the meat under his bed is not brewed and tushilos with vegetables) and chopped into portions.
2. The fat of tail slice thickness of not more than 1 cm. Put lard bottom iron cauldron, and top in the middle of the hill lay butchered lamb ribs. Lightly season with salt.
3. Vegetables, cut into large chunks of potatoes medium sized – half, and large – in four parts. Carrots chopped into small cylinders of 4-5 cm.
4. Onions cut into rings and arrange on top of the ribs, together with slices of carrots. Lightly salt and pepper. On the carrot to put the potato slices. Again, salt and pepper. Add a couple of pinches of coriander seeds.
5. Small cabbage cut into four parts, disassembled into leaves and lay them tight lid on top of vegetables. Add one third of a glass of water. Kazan close the lid and put on a strong fire. As soon as the distinctive sound of roasted bacon, fire abated to a minimum and cook for one hour.
6. After an hour, when the leaves of cabbage acquire transparency damlyama ready. Damlyamu served on a table in kicking, big dish, put all the components in the reverse order: first the leaves of the cabbage, then – vegetables and meat.

Dish Damlyama. Recipe:

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