Escabeche of guinea fowl with thyme

Escabeche of guinea fowl with thyme


Breast of guinea fowl 2 pieces
Carrot 100 g
Leeks 100g
Chili 1 piece
Garlic 2 heads
Sherry vinegar, 25 ml
Dry white wine 50 ml
Olive oil 100ml
Chicken broth 50 ml
1 stalk thyme
Bay leaves 2 pieces
Black Pepper sweet pea 1 g
Sea salt to taste
Ground black pepper to taste


1. Two guinea fowl breasts weighing 180-220 grams sprinkled with coarse sea salt and pour olive oil on both sides, or better yet a breast marinate in olive oil for half an hour – the side where the skin should be a good soak.
2. While the guinea fowl marinated, chopped vegetables: a carrot – large strips, like French fries, and from leek cut leaves and take only the white stem. Cut it diagonally into large chunks – a thickness of about 2 cm.
3. Garlic wash, one head disassembled into teeth (need about 6-8 pieces) – clean them is not necessary if the skin is not very thick. The second head (too crude) with a sharp knife cut across through all the tabs.
4. Breasts guinea fowl remove from the marinade and fry until half cooked on the grill, turning occasionally. Crust should get grooved and golden and the meat itself will let a little neprozharennoe.
5. Preheat a frying pan with olive oil fry the garlic (and cloves and half) until golden brown), so he gave oil flavor. Send to the carrot – cook on low heat, stirring, for two minutes, then add the chopped leeks and fry together for another three or four minutes.
6. Pour the white wine and vegetables to wait that it is partially evaporated. Add broth and too little to evaporate. Throw in the pan bay leaf, allspice and pour the sherry vinegar. Minutes to hold on the fire, add a tablespoon of olive oil. Evaporated three more minutes.
7. Put the guinea fowl in a pan for vegetables; after about five minutes the meat is ready. Give the dish to cool and remove it in the refrigerator for at least ten hours – in the same marinade in which it was prepared. The longer the bird will marinate – day or two or even three – the tastier it becomes.
8. Serve cold escabeche necessary, guinea fowl and vegetables laid out on a plate and on top of watering marinade. Garnish with a sprig of thyme dish, add to the severity of green pepper rings.

Escabeche of guinea fowl with thyme. Recipe:

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