Recipe Fish meatballs in a creamy sauce

Fish meatballs in a creamy sauce


Minced Fish – 250 g
Onions – 1 pc.
Crackers (ground) – 3-4 tablespoons. l.
Dairy cream (30%) – 300 ml
Cheese (grated) – 50-100 g
Broccoli – to taste
Salt – to taste
White pepper – to taste


1. minced fish (from my red fish) to scroll or very finely chopped small onion. Add bread crumbs (guided by density stuffing, if watery stuffing, put a little more than crumbs), salt and white pepper to taste.
2. blindly meatballs (the value is selected depending on the volume of the form in which you will bake).
3. Dismantle the broccoli into small florets. You can do without the broccoli.
4. Meatballs put in tins or a la carte in great shape and just send it in the oven for 5 minutes at 200 degrees, a little meatballs to “grab”.
5. Prepare the sauce: pour the cream into a bowl, add the grated cheese, salt and pepper to taste.
6. Take the molds out of the oven between the meatballs put broccoli (optional).
7. Pour the sauce meatballs and send it in the oven at 180-190 degrees for another 20 minutes.
8. It is very quick and very tasty!

Bon Appetit!

Recipe Fish meatballs in a creamy sauce:

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