Forshmak with matzo

Forshmak with matzo


Herring fillet 500g
3 pieces of chicken egg
3 pieces of white bread
Apple green 2 pieces
Vinegar, 1 teaspoon
½ onion head
Parsley to taste
Matza 3 pieces


1. Cut off the stick – can usually be rifled – three medium-size slices. Corky cut is not necessary. Put them in a bowl and pour the drinking water so that it completely covers the bread. Soak bread in milk, and can be, but it will be a non-kosher.
2. Peel and coarsely chop the onion and whole apple. Number of the bow depends on the taste of consumers, but remember: the longer kept mincemeat, the stronger the onion breath. The remaining half will go to the apple decoration, it is better not to cut in advance, did not have time to darken.
3. Mince fillet of herring, hard-boiled eggs, onion, apples and bread is well pressed. Select the bars should be based on the desired texture mincemeat. You can not use a meat grinder, and a knife to chop all the ingredients – is authentic
4. sneaky resulting in mincemeat white vinegar and mix well. You can add the oil remaining in the packaging of herring, and again to make a homogenous mass. Sheets matzah divided into rectangles, using a bread knife with a wavy cutting edge
5. Transfer the mincemeat in sweet horn and make them each a piece of matzo curly gorochki. Garnish with apple slices and parsley. It turns beautiful Portion serving – of course, easier to do at home, laying brick mincemeat on a dish

Forshmak with matzo. Recipe:

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