Garden decor: pots, buckets and other containers

Originally decorate your garden or patio hands the country is easy enough to find in the barn different capacity, containers, pots and planted flowers in them!

Surely you can find at least one old watering can. I do not need to clean it, or paint, put in a watering can cut bright irises or peonies fluffy and enjoy the colorful palette where you want to liven up the space.
Stands for flowerpots can be made of wood, plastic, clay or metal. The plant itself should not be high, if you place it on a pedestal, it is better suited low, flowing, curly green spaces.
For garden decor look in the shed, with friends or on sale small garden carts and place them in seedling. Keep the plant in the pot is better, or in the trolley drill holes for drainage. Be creative and Line up mini garden carts in different sizes. Large containers, like this yellow box can serve as a home for three to four varieties of flowers. And to make it easier to see put the box on a makeshift podium a chair or stool.
 These cast-iron urns are ideal for low-growing plants. Organically will look at the gates, steps and doors. But the cast-iron bowl is difficult to find, but after laying concrete paving paths to the house you probably stayed. Hand made tiles, rectangular vase.
For garden decoration use high containers for long plants and trees.
Galvanized buckets, pots and tubs, even the old, do not throw, they can become the basis for a graceful shrubs and small trees. Give a metal bucket or wooden box bright colors or subtle shades.
If you want to use fresh herbs in cooking, make a small garden on the window of your kitchen. Paint small metal buckets with bright colors and hang on clothespins.
Turn an old chair in the tub for flowers, pulling the seat and closing the empty space grid. At the bottom is better to plant moss, and a pair of climbing plants to wrapped around the back and legs of the chair. In an original vasemakers will look teapot.
Do not restrain imagination use the idea for the house and look for the unusual use of the old unwanted items.

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