Greek salad with red onion

Greek salad with red onion


Tomatoes 500 g
Cucumbers 300 g
Yellow bell pepper 1 piece
Red onion 1 clove
Feta cheese 150g
Olives 15 pieces
Salt to taste
Ground black pepper to taste
Olive oil 3 tablespoons
Basil to taste
Parsley to taste
Romaine lettuce 1 piece


1. First cut the tomatoes and cucumbers, put them in a large, deep bowl.
2. Chop onion half rings.
3. Bulgarian pepper – julienne. Add to the tomatoes and cucumbers.
4. Mix in the bottom of the dish, place lettuce, chopped vegetables. Cheese cut into cubes with olives and just put on top of the vegetables.
5. Top sprinkle with olive oil, salt and pepper.

Greek salad with red onion. Recipe:

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