Handmade photo frame or mirror

Keep summer memories can not only in albums, but also in a prominent place in the apartment. Beautiful photo frames and mirrors is easy to make your own hands, using plastics and shells. Such a framework will remind you of enjoyable holidays near the sea.


Materials and tools for the job:


Bake polymer clay
liquid plastic – Gel
working surface: glass or ceramic tiles with smooth surface
a knife or a scalpel
baby powder or talc
Small mirror
natural seashells
acrylic golden

How to make a picture frame or a mirror with your hands

You can make the frame entirely of plastic, as we did in another master-class, and you can decorate a ready-made picture frame. I did not like that on the frame, which was originally, I have very little decoration. So I decided to add some seashells and starfish made of polymer clay. The reverse side of the frame for the mirror I made out of cardboard, so less expensive plastics.

2 The small asterisks in any amount can be easily done with a punch. For this we need a piece of plastic, I usually take the residues or waste. You can take a metal suspension or these starfish.

3 Lubricates and the sample powder is pressed into the plastic.

4 Carefully take out a stamp and send bake.

5 In the same way I did with the texture of the stamp to the frame.

6 Now with the help of the stamp can be done any number of sea stars of any color. It is only necessary to each fingerprint powder thoroughly lubricated die and how to be pressed stamped into the plastic.

7 Cut sprocket with a sharp knife. Collar we do not need, so it is cut. But if you cut with the loop, you can use the asterisk as a suspension.

8 The mirror is glued to the cardboard of suitable size.

9 Thin strips of polymer clay using the gel is fixed on the frame. At the same time a little bit close edge of the mirror and the frame itself.


Along the edges of the prints can be made with a stamp. Do not forget to enjoy with the powder.
11 Also spread on a frame stars and shells, in some places you can pour sand, pressing it into the plastic. After baking is easy to shake off the excess sand with a brush. Send baked together with unused on this box stars. Frames for photos will decorate already baked items.
12 Use the glue gun or glue “Moment” decorate a large box. It is best to pre-decomposed shells and stars, choosing the best option.
13 For a harmonious combination of sea bank, I painted the convex part of the stars and some shells gold acrylic paint.
14 To frame the mirror with tape attach the stand. 15 Composing a cabinet or on a shelf on the table and remember the summer holidays with pleasure!

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