Recipe Home russian brew

Home russian brew

Half a loaf of rye bread (any);
3 liters of boiled water;
floor. packs (25-30 grams) dry yeast;
floor. cup (125 grams) of sugar;

Cut bread into slices and fry in the pan in the oven until golden brown. Or rather dry them, because without oil. Fill the crust with boiling water in a 3-liter jar and wait for cool down to a temperature 36-38 degrees. After cooling down, add half of the cooked sugar and yeast diluted in a glass of warm boiled water. Bank camouflage cap and put on 2 days in a warm place, but not in the sun. After 2 days, filter, add the raisins and the remaining sugar. Pour into plastic bottles, spin tube and at night in the refrigerator. All! You can drink! In my most urgent drink in the upcoming heat.
And yet – what you filtered, it can be stored in the refrigerator in a sealed jar, and the next time you use instead of yeast starter.
Bon Appetit!

Recipe Home russian brew:

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