Homemade ice cream: Six recipes for hot summer

Homemade ice cream: Six recipes for hot summer

1. Milk candy

For the preparation of the ice cream heated over low heat 250 ml fat milk, bred in him ¼ h. Liter. vanilla and bring to a boil. Beat 4 egg yolks and 100 g of sugar, pour the mixture in a thin stream into the milk and continue to cook until it acquires the consistency of thick cream.

When the mass of cool milk, add it ½ cup whipping cream and stir. Shift it in a plastic container, and ship to cool. Serve vanilla homemade ice cream with fresh berries well, grated chocolate, crushed nuts and fruit toppings. Here you can show imagination in all its glory and in advance to prepare for a well-deserved compliment.

2. Fruit Ice Age

You can make the simplest homemade ice cream – fruit ice. In the course will all fresh fruits and berries, which are at hand. In our case it will be assorted strawberries and raspberries weighing 600 Pyuriruem berries in a blender, rub through a sieve and add 2 hours. L. lemon juice.

Fill in the pan 100 grams of sugar 40 ml of water and boil syrup. When it cools, combine it with the berry mass, mix, spread on the cups and remove it in the freezer. Ice cream popsicles at home can be supplemented with anything. Interesting taste it will give fruit juice or lemonade and slices of tropical fruits make it even more appetizing. Households instantly snatch a treat, so make advance more servings.

3. Greetings from childhood

Ice cream at home will bring genuine, with nothing incomparable taste of childhood. In a saucepan with a thick bottom to heat 1 liter of cream (33% -x) and, stirring constantly, diluted 1 ch. L. vanilla. Beat yolks 8 and 170 g caster sugar (or fructose) to obtain a clear dense mixture. Slowly introduce it hot cream, stirring with a whisk.

Iridescent mass in the pan and, stirring constantly with wooden spatula, cook until thick. It is extremely important not to let the mixture boil or it will exfoliate. The finished mass cooled, spread in a container and put in freezer for 6-8 hours. To home ice cream got soft and smooth, it is recommended every 30-40 minutes to get him out of the freezer and beat with a mixer. This is a wonderful treat will be a surprise for those who yearned for a truly sealed.

4. Ice Cream Factory

For the restless chefs have come up with an intelligent machine for the production of cold desserts. Homemade ice cream in the freezer is prepared quickly, it turns out especially soft, lush and beautiful. First of all, these children will appreciate. And for them the next dessert. Beat blender 300 ml of yogurt, chopped 3 ripe bananas, 150 ml of condensed milk and 150 grams of cottage cheese.

Fill a bowl of ice cream this mass of about ⅔, because cooking a treat “older.” After 30-40 minutes helpful gadget will give delicious results. However, homemade ice cream without ice cream maker according to the same recipe will turn out just as good. Just Put it in a container and leave in the freezer for a couple of hours.

5. Cool fun

If your rows have households who heroically abandoning calorie desserts, cook their homemade ice cream without cream. For example, watermelon sorbet. First boil syrup 100 g of sugar and 70 ml of water. In the bowl of a blender combine 1 kg of watermelon flesh, 30 ml of honey, lemon zest and juice, 3 sprigs of mint. Beat homogeneous mash, fill it with syrup and mix again.

We shift the weight of the container and send it in the freezer for 4 hours. To sorbet has not turned into ice, stir it every half hour. Improve recipe homemade ice cream will help a couple of whipped egg whites. Enter them into the watermelon weight of about the second hour cooling – sherbet get extremely gentle and air.

6. Chocolate heaven

Well, those calories are not considered safe to enjoy homemade chocolate ice cream. Beat with a mixer 4 egg yolks and 100g sugar to get light frothy mass. Heated 450ml whipping cream and divorce them 50 grams of cocoa powder. Pour here eggs with sugar and 90 ml of melted dark chocolate.

Constantly stirring, the mixture was kept on low heat until the sugar dissolves. Let cool the chocolate mass, spread in a container and put them in the freezer for 2 hours. Do not forget to stir it occasionally. This ice cream at home even more pleasant to children, if you add to it milk or white chocolate.

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