How original and simply decorate a T-shirt with his hands

How original and simply decorate a T-shirt with his hands. Process of making:

It is often interesting design and quality of the T-shirts are not the same, and we buy-colored, high-quality, but boring t-shirts. That is why many are wondering how to decorate a T-shirt with his hands. We have already addressed the topic of converting ordinary t-shirts in the original item, using the application on a T-shirt. Today I want to offer you a master class, thanks to which you can of plain white t-shirts to make just such a unique and very beautiful thing.

We need:

Black paint to the fabric;
Organza red (preferably use the tape as it is more convenient to cut);
– Red thread;
A needle;
A pair of scissors;
Black large beads for midway poppy;
From organza cut out circles of different size, gradually decreasing the radius of the circle this is our future petals.
The edges of the circles have to melted into the flame of a candle it should be done carefully, as organza melts very quickly, and you can stay away from the workpiece only small pieces.
Start collecting flower. For this circle gradually strung on a thread, from high to low, and fix the last circle of beads. Petals have to fix the thread so that the flower looked naturally in some places organza pull thread.
On a T-shirt start drawing thin stems slightly flared at the top (calyx), and leaves (for those who are not good at painting, it is desirable to pre-schedule drawing). Draw unblown buds black and black stripes in between the stems (where poppies are subsequently). We reserve the paint to dry.
We are doing so four poppies. Sewn to get the color in the painted cups. Fixed color T-shirt is possible by means of black buttons, but then it is not necessary to use midway black beads.
Now that you know how to decorate a T-shirt with his hands poppies. This workshop allows you to create a similar T-shirt on a white field any floral arrangement. Use your imagination and create a unique design t-shirts!

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