How sew the roses out of felt

How sew the roses out of felt. Process of making:

Textile flowers – great decoration. They can decorate bags, clothes, you can make beautiful and original hoops hair … And, roses made of felt will look good in a bouquet! So that the benefits of today’s master class is obvious: learn how to make rosettes, you can decorate your appearance, interior and give flower bouquets dear people! Options for the manufacture of such jewelry – just a lot! But this master class you can see the most important steps of creating color. Then you just decorate the product to your liking, sewn to his beads, sequins or other niceties.
For the production of roses you will need: a dense felt red and green (you can take a tint color like pink or maroon), needle, thread the color of felt, scissors.

How to make a rose out of felt? Work description

Take the red felt (felt or pink, burgundy or other colors), spread out before him, and carve out a strip measuring 20 by 6 cm. Fold the strip in half (along) and cut diagonally across one end of the article. Then the band folded in half sew basting stitch by hand.
Pick up the tip of the strip that you cut diagonally. Start with a twist rosette, folding in a roll. At the same time firmly hold formed at the base of the bud that is not a rose blossomed. During twisting do not forget to flash the base of the flower thread, chosen by color.
For a convex petals you can pull the thread, which basting bottom strip: Twist then felt at the base. Gradually wound on the basis of the flower more and more “petals” and sew them.
Wound on the basis of the entire strip of felt secure rosettes, making a few stitches tight at its base. It is advisable to tighten the thread so that they are “drowned” in felt (that they were not visible from the outside).
Now you can take in the work of the green felt. The composition of felt can look exquisite silk, but it needs to successfully pick the color materials. For example, light pink roses more suitable light green leaves, delicate flowers. But for burgundy darker leaves. If you connect burgundy flower with green leaf, it will be far from harmonious. So try to find the right pair of colors.
Then, from the green felt carve out the outlines of leaves. Making teeth on the rim of the sheet is not necessary: ​​they will appear after pridelyvaniya leaf! So tuck in green thread a needle and sew a leaf to the bottom of the flower, using a seam over the edge. It is this joint, if you tighten the thread, and form teeth on the edges of leaves. By the way, here in this photo shows a flower is not made of felt, and a dense jersey. Even a strip of warm sweaters – so it will be correct. So, the tips of the petals of roses decorated with beads! Interesting idea, which has the right to incarnation! With the rim rose exactly will look more festive.
Also, besides the leaves, you can join in this color long legs. They are very easy to do: Cut a piece of strong wire, wrap his green floral tape and attach to the flower. Make several of these roses (of course, an odd number!) And make a beautiful and unique bouquet!
Roses of felt just a godsend. From this you can make flower brooch: for that stitch the rear side of the flower for brooches fastener (a fastener in the base there are two holes, so that it must be sewn as a conventional button). The same applies to the hoop for hair or hair clips. Simply sew or hot glue stick to the desired rosette closure – and the case is ready! Now, these lovely roses will decorate your business suit, hairstyle or a handbag!

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