How to make a box from felt with their hands

How to make a box from felt with their hands. Process of making:

Felt – one of the most popular materials for crafts. Skilled workers like to work with felt because it holds its shape well, do not fall off the edge, cut the cloth easily, and bright hues and color you can use it for a variety of decor. We are already convinced of the merits of these when making crafts from felt (stands, toys etc.).

Today I want to tell you how to make boxes of felt – these boxes can serve not only beautiful and original packaging for registration of a gift, but also the capacity for storage of small items.


For the work we will need:
Felt bright colors (can use tight corduroy upholstery fabric, and even dense oilcloth);
A pair of scissors;
Glue gun.

Below, you can see the patterns for different sizes of boxes.

How to make a box from felt with their hands. Process of making:

Template for box with a low rim (cover).

How to make a box from felt with their hands. Process of making:

 Template for box with high side (the lower part of the box). Take a piece of felt and drag patterns on the fabric, and then cut out the details.
It looks like our boxvest prior to assembly.
Now we need to bend corners that will capture bokovinki boxes. To do this, we take a ruler (preferably metal), place it on the cloth so that the sides of the lower and upper part was right triangles, and triangles to turn down the middle. Well triangles presses a finger to obtain a flat on the fabric fold. Similarly, using a ruler does the rest folds Bends to the center of every speaker box.
Still needed our box. Folded along fold lines tissue. To do this, we combine the side of the triangular pieces and then cover them on top of the rectangle.
We fix the side cover hot gun. Similarly, we collect and fix the opposite direction. Collect and glue the lid to the box. The work is over! Now that you know how to make boxes of felt this job is available, even a child, and how beautiful and festive look such “casket”, you can see for yourself.
That’s how quickly and easily we can make a nice package for giftsurprise (take another bow, and you can give). And you can keep the buttons, ribbons and other materials needed for needlework.

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