How to make a candlestick of paper bags


People are thinking more about the environment, so conscious buyers and sellers prefer paper bags, which do not cause such harm nature as polyethylene. Some stores offers the usual brownish paper bags, while others use the package as an advertising space. And I must say, some paper bags look very interesting, and throw them in the trash does not want. In this article, we describe how from an ordinary paper bag to make an unusual light.

Especially this project may seem simple for those who have basic skills in the art of origami. Although the circuit is quite simple, so it will be able to master and novice.
Tip: If you do not have the extra packages, you can practice on a sheet of plain paper.
The origami has simple bending “mountains” and “valleys”. Hill” – is when the face of the bend is facing you, and “Valley” – on the contrary.
Note: when choosing lights for lamp with a paper shade, you need to pay special attention to the amount of heat. It is best to go LED bulbs, which, when power consumption of 7.5 watts of light on the level of 40watt bulbs. In no case do not use incandescent bulbs.
Materials and tools:
  • 2 paper bags
  • scissors
  • glue or double sided tape
  • a needle or awl
  • thread
  • glue gun
  • twine
  • cable, plug and the electrical cartridge
  • branch bizarre

How to make a lamp made of paper with his own hands

Take two favorite paper bags, cut the handle and the bottom. Cut the bag in place of gluing, as a result of each package you should have quite a long cloth, the size of which depends on the size of the package used.

Take one sheet, fold it in half, then each half has doubled. Continue until you divide the canvas into 16 equal parts. Fold the fabric along fold lines fan.
Now everyone got scallops fans to fold diagonally. At this stage, it is not necessary to think about the mountains” and “valleys”, you just need to identify the fold line. To bends ended at the same level, each of the ribs can be put invisible pencil mark.
Likewise make bends with the other hand. Now, along the lines of bending the edges to fold in the opposite direction.
The photo shows how to look after all the workpiece manipulation.
From the second package in this case need only half. Perform this same workpiece manipulation with the only difference that in the first stage it is necessary to bend, divided into 8 equal parts.
Connect two blank paper with glue or double-sided tape.

In the upper corners of the puncture hole, pull them thread or ribbon.

Threads pull the corners, to have turned the dome, similar to what you see in the photo.

Tie the thread to the bow, so you can later extend a cable without problems.
For such a lamp is unlikely to fit the usual boring cable. Decorate it can be, wound thin twine and secure it with hot glue the ends.
It remains only to lend a cable with a cartridge inside the lampshade. Hang the lamp can be a dry branch bizarre, so it will look more interesting.

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