How to prepare sorbet (7 recipe)

How to prepare sorbet (7 recipe)

About how tasty and attractive ice cream in the heat, and it is not necessary to tell. But how to cook at home most “old” variety of this icy treats – Sorbet – can talk.

🍓 banana citrus sorbet

For him the need kilograms of ripe, but not blackened bananas, 400 g of lemon (peel and seeds), 200 g of oranges (the same manipulation), 130 g of sugar and a glass of apple juice. Fruit and citrus ingredients are crushed in a blender, mix with cold juice and sugar. Sorbet is frozen 6 hours with two or three stirring for freezing. When applying you can decorate citrus zest.

🍓 watermelon sorbet

For him the need sugar watermelon red. A part (about 400 g) were ground in a mixer, mix with the warm syrup of 20 g of honey, 60 g of sugar and 100 ml water. Pour a spoonful of lemon juice, 20 ml and 60 port – dry white wine. Before you pour the sorbet on the cups and freeze, put on the bottom of each cube of watermelon. After the first hour of frozen stir gently with a fork and freeze up “frozen” consistency.

🍓 strawberry sorbet with mint

Alas, fragrant strawberries, strawberries summer residence already “moved”, but you can make this option with berry-season shopping. Prepare 800g berries, 150 g sugar, 200 ml of water, and large beam of lemon mint.

From the sugar and water, boil the syrup and pour it sprigs of mint, leave to infuse for 40 minutes. Drain and strain the syrup, combine the berries, put on fire, bring to a boil and immediately remove. Strawberry Syrup mass crush blender, mix with lemon juice and refrigerate – first in the kitchen, to room temperature, and then – in the freezer 6:00, stirring every two hours.

🍓 exotic sorbet

If you travel from far or near the store you brought 1.3 kg of ripe mangoes – be sure to try the sorbet. In addition to mangoes will need half a cup of fresh orange juice (two or three ripe fruit), one-third cup lime juice (three pieces), the same amount of water, and tequila (“children’s” version – without alcohol), 150 grams of brown sugar. From the sugar and water boiled syrup from the juice and pulp of the mango puree preparing. Everything is mixed and cooled – a couple of hours in a refrigerator, and 8 hours in the freezer.

🍓 kiwi sorbet

The peculiarity of this recipe – in the pre-frozen fruit. Slices of kiwi first 6 freeze in the freezer (a couple of hours) and then mixed in a mixer with three tablespoons of lime juice and the same amount of liquid honey. It is served immediately after cooking.

🍓 raspberry sorbet and champagne

Champagne with chocolate – corny and honesty, not very tasty. With strawberries – better, but also did not shine with originality. Pineapple – too literary and severyaninski, but with raspberries, and even after freezing, – the most it. Do not believe me – Mix two cups of raspberries with a glass of champagne, lemon peel and three spoonfuls of sugar syrup and freeze for 2-3 hours.

🍓 Blueberry sorbet

This family sorbet. Simple and extremely helpful, it does not contain alcohol, and most importantly – a lot more like children than ordinary blueberries. It takes only 4 ingredients: 600 g blueberries, 100 grams of sugar, a tablespoon of water and two – lemon juice. From the last three ingredients and cook the syrup for a long time, thoroughly ground with a mixer with a pre-frozen blueberries. Thereafter sorbet has sent a couple of hours in a freezer, and from there – to the table.

How to prepare sorbet (7 recipe) -

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