How to transfer photo on canvas?

How to transfer photo on canvas? Processof making:

 How do you keep the family photos? Located in a large photo album (of course, made with his own hands), or hang framed on the wall? Surely, this master class you will enjoy, because here you will learn about another way to keep memorable pictures. You can transfer photos to canvas and hang it on the wall like a picture! At the same time, it will not have to resort to using a photo salon and spend a fabulous print money.
To transfer photos to canvas you will need: canvas (for the beginning can take the small size of the canvas), a sheet of office paper, three-layer cloth or tissue paper, printer, double sided tape, scissors. First try to transfer images together on a standard A4 sheet, and when hone technique can try to transfer photos and more.

Transferring photos to canvas: a job description.

This process can be used either cigarette paper or the lowest (white) tissue layer sandwich. Choose a material that is more suitable for you, and attach it to a sheet of office paper. It is very easy: Put a thin paper for office and bend the edges on the sides.
The back side of A4 paper, attach the tissue paper: curved edges stick bilateral adhesive tape. Try to work carefully, because this piece of paper will need to be run through the printer. If you have a slightly crumpled tissue paper (or it has folds), it can be ironed.
Here it will look like the back side of your sheet of paper.
Load paper, pasted cigarette layer, the printer and print. Immediately after the printed photo is ready, cut the curved side of tissue paper and separate the image from a sheet of A4.
Grease canvas glue for decoupage. You can buy or make your own, spreading PVA glue with water in a ratio of 1: 2.
While the glue is dry, attach the canvas printed on thin paper and gently flatten photos to not formed folds. If the fold is still there, try to smooth them, leading a dry, soft brush over the surface of the image.
Use scissors to cut the edge of the tissue paper with a photo, trying to make the edges of paper neatly. If you need additional tips Con photo to the sides of the canvas, using all the same glue for decoupage. Only in this case you will need to apply the adhesive very thin brush so as not to smudge it.
It turns out that’s such a picture on the canvas! Then you can make work in a frame and hang on the wall without a frame.
By the way, there is another modern way to transfer photos. This shuttle image transfer using special tools. This material is sold in a jar, like a varnish for decoupage or cracelures, shops for creativity. For the “print” photos on any surface, whether casket cover notebook or card, you need to cover the transfer means ordinary photo printout. Then – wait until the agent has dried and become a film. This film can be easily removed and stick to the desired surface. Transferring pictures with their hands – it’s interesting and original!

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