Ideas for decorating the walls

What you need for a simple, inexpensive and quick decorating empty walls of your apartment? Humor, inspiration, colorful frames and all-youunderhand, will fall! And we will fall under the arm today is:

1. Supports for cups and beer glasses.

Turn cardboard coasters cup in contemporary art. Glue interesting or memorable stand on colored cardboard, and place in a frame under glass. Thus you can create a whole gallery.

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2. Vintage

Use vintage dishes and other antiques as a framework for the same old family photos. Photo archive can scan, process in Photoshop, change the color, contrast, brightness, size, and print. Attach the photo on a plate, tray or mirror glue or simply using decoupage techniques. You can also use the services of companies offering printing on various objects and utensils.

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3. Ceiling outlet

Select the store several interesting forms of polyurethane plugs, which are used usually for edging chandeliers on the ceiling. Give an outlet different shades, more suitable for the interior color scheme of your room and glue on the wall with liquid nails.

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4. Conversion of trays

Turn metal trays and baking trays in a simple and easy decoration for the kitchen walls with his own hands. Drill two small holes on opposite sides of the tray, skip the wire through the hole, securing one end and the second end of the clip wearing crocodile (which can be purchased at any electrical store). Do the same thing with another hole in the pan. So you get a functional frame holder for pictures, photos or recipes!

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5. Let the frame

Empty frames will help to give the necessary emphasis, or the details of the image on the wall. The painting itself does not have to exactly match the size of the frame, such deliberate carelessness adds a special style of interior room.

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6. Old shutters.

Give a new life out of fashion window shutters. Tidy antique exterior of the house, paint, varnish, if desired, cover, or, conversely, more sostarte shutters and hang horizontally on the wall. The shutters can insert pictures, clippings from newspapers and magazines and funny notes to your loved one!

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7. License Plates as a wall decor

Add to the bare walls of your room a little bit of the spirit of adventure, travel and the roads. Collect old license plates from different countries, fasten them to a sheet of plywood and hang on the wall the whole composition.

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8. Doll’s clothes.

If you collect dolls or were engaged in manufacturing dolls, then this idea wall decor you will love. Select several interesting doll dresses and suits, and put them in a frame under glass. Use double-sided tape to attach the clothes to the cardboard substrate or gently grab the thread in several corners. Background so be cheerful and bright.

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9. Bright colors

If you want to have a home work of Andy Warhol, but very confused by exorbitant price – it does not matter, do with your hands at least masterpiece graphic collage. First, paint the wall the square in a color that contrasts with the color of the rest of the walls in the room. Then cut from thin foam nine flat squares or buy small stretchers in an art shop. The main image, select the graphics card, pictures from magazines, or themselves create a vector drawing in a graphics editor, print out and glue to the foam or stretcher. The main thing – a bright saturated colors and geometric shapes and objects. Well, or delicate floral patterns and oriental ornaments – that your heart desires!
10. Picture shelvesOptionally, drill the wall and nail to hang a picture frame with a photo. Buy in the store ceiling a baguette and liquid nails stick to the wall as a shelf for photos and drawings.

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