Lentil soup with tomatoes

Lentil soup with tomatoes


Green-brown lentils 200 g
Red Lentils 150g
Tomatoes canned slices 400 g
6 cloves garlic
Onion 1 clove
Carrot 1 piece
Olive oil 20 ml
Ground black pepper to taste
Sea salt in taste
Saffron ½ teaspoon
Dried basil in taste
Dried oregano in taste
Dried tarragon in taste


1. Mix both types of lentils, cover with water and put on fire. Once the water comes to a boil, extinguish the fire to a minimum, cover the pan with a lid and leave for twenty to thirty minutes. Red lentils in this time a little harder seethe green – green must remain al dente.
2. Meanwhile, in a frying pan heat the olive oil, throw the whole cloves of garlic and slightly put out until fragrant. Then add the onion, diced, put all together, stirring, until light zoloti- grained color.
3. Add onions and garlic to the grated on a coarse grater carrots, fry and then gently put the tomatoes and pepper. Mix well and stew over moderate heat, stirring constantly, four or five minutes.
4. Add vegetable mixture and all the spices, except tarragon in a pot of lentils, stir with a wooden spoon, bring to a boil again. Cook all together for another five to seven minutes at the end to throw a pinch of tarragon and remove from heat.
5. Remove from the pan with the cloves of garlic soup, add salt to taste and freshly ground black pepper. Pour the soup into bowls. Garnish, if desired, it can be fresh chopped herbs or Greek yogurt with a spoon, and if you want to add the acid – squeezed lemon wedge right into the plate.

Lentil soup with tomatoes. Recipe: http://wonderdump.com/lentil-soup-with-tomatoes/

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