Make an original way of gift wrapping paper

Make an original way of gift wrapping paper. Process of making:

Have you ever faced a situation when you need very urgently to pack a gift and a suitable bag or box is not at hand? At the same time, just can not give a present: it must present a dear man who deserves only the best In such cases, all kinds of rescue hendmeydtricks. It turns out, can you arrange a gift and a conventional newspaper! See how unusual and organic looks this creation!

The laconic style, a little flirtation and cute bow – well, who can resist such a gift? .. Now we will tell you how to make this beauty with his own hands!

Make an original way of gift wrapping paper. Process of making:

For the manufacture of gift wrapping take: newspaper pages (all will look more beautiful black-and-white printing on slightly yellowed paper), paper lace napkins round shape, a narrow ribbon for decoration, sticker adhesive, scissors, stationery knife. If you plan to turn in such a package is something serious instead of adhesive sticker take traditional PVA it reliable paper stick together.

Production of newsprint package: job description.

Take a standard sheet of paper, scissors, trim the edges of it, if needed. To test the bag or package small size fit half a newspaper page (a page is cut along a line drawn through the middle from left to right). Place the paper in front of him so that she was lying horizontally. Make the sides of the two flaps, tilting towards the center of the left and right sides. At the same time, try to make the target a little bit went on one another.

The joint grease glue flaps and well press to the paper glued together. Take a good look, not whether smeared glue on the inside of the resulting pockets”. If preprinted paper, remove it to a package are not glued inside.
The lower part of the rectangle bend upward. Recurved band is half the area of the bottom of the package, so you can make the desired amount.
Fingers bent slightly open lower pocket and press down to the center of its left and right sides. On the left and on the right you should have folded triangles, as in the photo. Then fold the bottom up strip pocket that she just came over the line of the fold. Do the same with the upper leaf only bend it down. The joint of the two flaps with adhesive grease (in the case of heavy contents – PVA glue) and press. There is no fear that the adhesive smeared: this is only further strengthen the bottom of the product.
Himself bag can already be considered ready. Open it: the truth is, beautifully turned out?
Inside put your show. It could be as souvenir and book, candy, or even homemade cakes. It can be a useful bag for skilled workers who are engaged in the works for sale: wrap in this pack his painted cup stuffed toy or a set of jewelry and the buyer will be a megasatisfied!
Соедините верхние края пакетика и согните их. Поправьте боковые складочки пакета, чтобы он выглядел презентабельно.
Top hoisted paper openwork napkin and fold it in half. If you do not mind, instead of paper you can use this napkin needlework. Paper napkins need to be fixed on the package with glue, but needlework can be fixed by threading the ribbon through the holes of the product.
Stationery knife, do the one hand wipes hole and insert a thin ribbon.
Tie a bow of ribbons and touch up the edges. Packing for a gift is ready!


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