Meatless lush pancakes

Recipe Meatless lush pancakes

You will need:

The water – 2 tbsp.
Sugar – 2 tbsp
Vegetable oil – 2 tbsp
Yeast – 10 g
Salt – 1 tsp
Wheat flour – 4 tablespoons.

Glass – 200 ml

How to cook:

1. To begin, put a kettle of water – we need is hot water, which subsequently cool to about forty degrees, which is the output we need to get warm water. The warm water to dissolve the sugar, salt, yeast and add them to the vegetable oil.

A little more focus on what is best yeast to use. Of course, often a lot of baking and housewives use only fresh live yeast sold bars of different masses. But if you crank yeast dough rare (I, for example), it is very easy to use quick-dry yeast. Surely, each of the housewives have a favorite brand, and here that you want to use. The list of ingredients I conditionally wrote that yeast need 10 grams. This is because in such bags instant yeast often 9, 10 or 11 grams. Take any bag, given the difference of one to two grams, in my opinion, not much.

Another important thing: just crank the dough in a large bowl, because it is actively growing.

2. Now start adding the flour. It’s always difficult to say exactly how much flour will take the dough. This depends on the quality of flour and its level of tackiness, and even from the manufacturer. Therefore, this recipe for me the main criterion for a meal already is: the dough should be very lazy. Highly! It must be incredibly slow slide from the spoon.

When I cook pancakes at this time, it is especially trying to measure how much flour it took me. It turned out that three full glasses and ¾ cup. It turns out that I have used nearly 4 cups.

3. Our next task – not to interfere with the test. To do this, it needs to be put in a warm place for 30-40 minutes (can be longer). I usually at this time continue to cook dinner, so you set the bowl on the edge of the plate, it came to heat. Bowl necessarily have to be covered. If you are accustomed to using for this purpose the cover, then – please. But I’m Always cover linen towel. Since I was a child, my grandmother taught. The dough continues to breathe through the fabric of life, however, it is protected and wrapped up. Do not be surprised that the dough will rise as much as it should be. The result is a fluffy, perforated, viscous dough.

4. You can start frying fritters. And there is a very important point: the dough in any case must not be mixed. You dial a spoon so much dough as you need for one pancake, as if slicing the dough. Only the top carefully, in small portions. And immediately send the dough in a pan with hot oil. Incidentally, your pancakes will continue to grow, and in the pan. It looks surprisingly nice, children usually like to participate in the preparation of such magical muffins.

I bake these pancakes standard: impose batter into the pan, cover with a lid during cooking swing the pan several times around its axis (these manipulations allow evenly browned pancakes), then flip pancakes and again I cover pan with a lid. From the second part, as usual, muffins baked quickly. Ready-made pancakes pile heaped on a large platter. Why large? Because oladushek get a lot for a large family!

This recipe – the budget that you can think of. Recipe no eggs, no milk or dairy products. Because more often want to please household delicious, lush, ruddy fritters.

It is convenient to eat with honey and berries, jam and sour cream. But most of all, my child loves pancakes, sprinkled with powdered sugar (I understand that it is harmful, but tasty).

Try to cook the pancakes at least once – and I am sure that they will become your brand ordinary. For recipe insanely simple, attractively cheap, but this winning!

Bon Appetit!

Meatless lush pancakes -

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