Milk from almonds

Milk from almonds


Almonds 200g
Water 1 liter
1 tablespoon honey
Ground cinnamon to taste


1. Dried almonds should be thoroughly washed and soak for 6-8 hours in 400 milliliters of drinking water at room temperature.
2. After the soaking water to drain and fill three glasses of fresh drinking water.
3. Almonds and water in a blender and download the grind until smooth. (Grind at least 2 minutes)
4. The liquid drain through a synthetic bag or straining a fine sieve.
5. Oil cake and carefully squeeze the grinding process can be repeated with the addition of a small amount of water. Then again, drain, squeeze and pour into the first portion of the milk.
6. Since almond milk is insipid, it can be served with honey and cinnamon, as well as on its basis to make a milkshake.

Milk from almonds. Recipe:

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