Napkins and mat from stones with their hands

River stone – a great natural material for home decor. Natural color and luster, a variety of shapes and sizes, a nice smooth or rough texture can create interesting crafts in ecological style. Napkins made of small pebbles decorate your table and interior part of nature, while protecting the table from scratches or traces of hot dishes. In the same way you can do mat stones with their hands.

Napkins and mat from stones with their hands. Process of making:


Such cloths from stones can be used as a dish, hot pots, glasses with drinks, and under the pots, vases, just as a decorative surface decoration. Just massage stones can become doormats, every day recalling walk barefoot on the beach or the river.
Using stones of different colors, you can upload designs and inscriptions. An unusual mat stones with their hands.
The process of creating all the same mats and napkins. You will need the river or sea pebbles, preferably flat and shallow, and glue (hot glue gun to be very useful), and the basis on which the stones are stuck. This can be a fabric, nylon net, rubber, cork, special mesh for mosaics, etc. Stones, by the way, can also be bought in specialized shops and stores.
To the stones through the mesh or fabric does not stick to the surface of the table, beneath the grating.
And then it’s simple. Take the stone, drip on a glue, glued to the base – and so a hundred times. Make sure that the stones were not large gaps, preferably still customize them to each other. If you are planning any drawing or pattern it is better to put it in advance, and then stick.
Some examples of finished tissue mats in the interior and table setting for inspiration!

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